Contributed to the scientific community to determine the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet-Med diet and preventive effects against chronic diseases optimally. Food pyramid includes all food groups; the healthy diet healthy or not depends on the percentages and frequencies. The pattern of eating healthy adult population and is adaptable to the particular needs of children, pregnant women and other health conditions.

In addition, the characteristics of cultural and social elements of Mediterranean lifestyle is also important. So it is not only to provide priority for some food groups than others, but also attaches importance to the way in which they are selected by the method of cooking and eating, and the components of each meal and the number of quantities.

Fall foods you should keep diet in the food pyramid, while the foods that should be eaten in moderate amounts at higher levels. Plant foods provide the base of the food pyramid food and protective substances that contribute to improving public health and maintaining a balanced diet, and high proportions consumption and repeatedly. Also eat foods that occupies the base of the food pyramid in higher levels such as animal foods rich in sugars and fats in moderate and leave for special events. Identifies the food pyramid guidelines for daily and weekly food and incidental to a healthy balanced diet.
Topics: Heat, Diet, Weight Loss
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