Among the most frequently asked questions of the Pokémon hunters there is always that of how to exchange Pokémon . Niantic and Nintendo these days are working on the introduction of many new features in the game . This is normal given the enormous success it has enjoyed since the beginning. Pokemon Go cheats, a few days after launch, has become one of the most downloaded apps of the year.

The launch of Pokemon Go cheats on July 15 is only a week ago. Yet they are already millions of people who play . Many will have noticed the period of down servers initial due to overcrowding. Not even Nintendo had expected probably so successful beyond all expectations.

Despite the version of the application is still a 0.xx among incoming update by Niante and Nintendo there are many important innovations. One of all is probably the answer to how to exchange Pokemon go cheats. The new app will definitely be more complete and the new features will bring innovation, du more than it has brought the game itself.

Go Pokémon fact is an application that has innovated as well as entertain. The augmented reality appears for the first time in a successful video game. For the first time a video game combines many services smartphone as a camera, GPS, data connection was, contacts etc. All these smartphone features work together to operate a single application. Maybe that's why Go Pokémon is leading the battery problems for players. Besides the use of all these features simultaneously it involves a power consumption above the norm. Resulting in discharge of the battery in a short time . To overcome this problem is however sufficient to equip itself with a portable battery. Just attack it while searching for Pokémon and, if large enough, we will not have problems.


Niantec and Nintendo have certainly worked very well from the marketing point of view. The expectation created around the application has made famous from the beginning. Articles on the various cone blog network appeared in no time. traditional media have also talked about the game. industry magazines, but also general magazines and newspapers you are interested in Pokémon Go. Even the news have spoken.

Often all this noise in the media is derived from strange news related to the news. We remember that among all American guy looking for a rare Pokemon go cheats in the suburbs of the city was robbed. The criminals were posted near the Pokémon certain that sooner or later someone would come to take it.

The wide spread of the game could become even more extensive if in future releases were introduced new features like Pokémon exchange between friends. This feature would make the final viral game and would spread rapidly on social networks and in reality.

In most famous event at the world linked to video games, John Hanke, CEO of Niantic has listed the main changes to be introduced soon.
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