Considering the current inclination of EA to revive the previous IP’s in the free to play mold, the latest advent of SimCity Buildit didn’t draw as many eyeballs as one would have loved to fetch. The reasons came after an announcement that the franchise offering would return to its old iOS platform with yet another free to play modality. Nevertheless, the game does make a lasting impression on the minds of players with its captivating visuals and a commendable mode of monetization. There’s no doubt that it doesn’t create the same magic or excitement as the vintage franchise offerings, but it surely manages to create bouts of surprises and exultations in the middle and towards the twilight.

Game in essence
In addition to using your skills in decision making, strategic zoning, placement of public buildings, parks and private residences along with coin sinks and taking a tour of the inventory, there are several other aspects that deserve special mention.
• The random pattern of obtaining special materials for inventory and land expansion can be a little frustrating at times. Still, you can always purchase them from other players.
• If the RNG mistreats you, you can do the aforementioned stuff. Many players have protested about the game’s decision to limit some of the cooler or advanced buildings to the domain of premium currency fetches.
• An eyesore is that the amount at which you can buy them, you can never really earn that in this game. But, you can surely make it happen with the free simcity buildit guide.
Facets that click
There are many blokes who might be miffed with the game just because it doesn’t adhere to the classic style and modality of SimCity title.
• Here, you need to be careful while taking any hard or judgmental decision or stance. Playing the game for its essence is a good idea.
• It’s definitely a freemium title albeit having all the facets to become relatively fair one in the fold. You’ll find the same thing in free-to-play stumbles.
• Also, visually the game is very appealing. It pays significant tribute to the classic series in numerous ways.
Visuals the attract
A foregone conclusion is that the game’s strongest and biggest affirmative lies in its graphics. Precisely, the visuals are sure to drive you crazy.
• Players entail total rotational command over their town and its edifices.
• The structures entail magnificent and minute detailing, which makes them look full and just great.
• Your city bustles with life and while zooming in a little into the center, you can even see the vehicles on the streets amidst all the crackles, clutter and noises. The pavement lights spot lights and traffic snarls choking the city gives it a real-life feel.
Thriving on visuals
One outstanding fact about this game is its freemium aspect. It depends on the modality on its first-timer capacity. Although plenty of graphics are undoubtedly superficial in disposition, they still create a pleasant and worthwhile sight. If you’re an impatient gamer, you’ll find these aspects to be especially helpful as they can keep you glued till the end.
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